The 2021 BPW International Congress and Elections took place virtually from 21st to 30th March 2021.

DR CATHERINE BOSSHART emerged as the new International President. She was the Immediate Vice President.

BPW Nigeria won the position for Young BPW International Representative, TOMI ODUNSI FADINA. She will be on the International board and work with Young BPW Members around the world.

Our own National President, Yinka Ajibola received a Badge of Honour for Excellent work and contributions to BPW International . Below is her speech:

“Thank you all so much for a very good turnout and your active participation at the Award and Candle lighting ceremony today.  I want to congratulate all BPW Nigeria members for the Award given to me - the Award really is for us all and I am humbled and very proud to be leading a wonderful set of ladies that we have in BPW Nigeria. I appreciate you.  You all saw the great work that is being carried out in various parts of the world. I know that we in BPW Nigeria are doing a lot but we need to put a lot more effort in reporting our programs, consolidating them such that we also will be recipients of these awards during the next Congress.  This Award ceremony should be an incentive for us all to do more in our different Clubs, ensure the Programs we do are of Global quality, sustainable, and have a great impact on women and girls. I know we can do it and PLEASE LET US START WORKING AGAIN - VACINNE IS NOW AVAILABLE - LET US START WITH THE NEW NORMAL”