Today, February 4th is celebrated as the "World Cancer Day".

One truth about cancer that is beyond argument is the fact that cancer has multiple, interacting causes.

Over 30 of these interacting factors have been identified and some of the common ones include; pesticide/herbicide, chlorinated water, fluoridated water, tobacco smoking, hormone therapies, immune-suppressive drugs, mercury toxicity, depressed thyroid function, irradiated foods, synthetic food additives, diet/nutritional deficiencies, parasites, viruses, free radicals, chronic stress, toxic emotions, and genetic disposition.

These interdependent factors interact in various combination to trigger the initiation stage of cancer.

However, the truth is that the microscopic changes that can initiate cancer are eliminated before they develop into personal or clinical consciousness.

This is as a result of the amazing work of our body's first line of defence against cancer; the Immune System.

The immune system recognizes the problem or the cancer cells and metabolically removes the threats before they have the chance to grow into what our senses can perceive or what medical screening can observe.

We should know this; the "mistakes" that lead to cancer will always occur, it may be beyond our conscious control, but they will only lead to cancer if our body (immune system) is unable to neutralize the "mistakes".

This is why cancer is generally seen as an "immune system failure disorder". If the immune system is adequately alert, cancer will not come.

In fact, the immune system has a precise way of assessing whether normal cells have been transformed into cancer cells using specialized immune system cells called T lymphocytes or T-cells from the thymus gland. These lymphocytes travel throughout the body to search for "renegade" cells and trigger their elimination.

As we celebrate World Cancer Day, it is important we appreciate the huge role our immune system plays in protecting us against cancer and the roles we should play in order to enhance the functionality of the immune system.

We have already listed some of the factors that interact to cause cancer. These factors are also known to suppress the immune system and thus, increases the risk for cancer.

May we be encouraged to do the needful and save our body from a disorder that kills mostly for three reasons;

1. Lack of fertile information

2. Lack of personal discipline after the information is made available.

3. Blind trust in synthetic therapy.