2017 Candle Lighting Ceremony

The 2017 Candle Lighting Ceremony saw all BPW Lagos Clubs come together for the event.

The BPW Candle Lighting Ceremony is an annual event developed by BPW's founder, Lena Madisen Phillips, a few years after founding BPW International.

Candles are lit by members, with each lit candle representing the ambitions and efforts of the many dedicated women around the world who make BPW a vibrant organization. Members are called upon to light candles of different sizes and colors, each representing a federation, a club, or individual members.

As we light the candles we share in their glow and recommit to our founding principles:

  • Equal opportunity and representation in economic, civil and political life for all women
  • Equal rights for all people on earth, regardless of gender
  • Cooperating locally and across the world, individually and in groups, to make these goals happen.