Medical Outreach in Papalandna Village

BPW Nigeria had a medical outreach program. BPW Karu Golden Club dewormed 300 women and 200 children in Papalandna village, Karshi Area council, Federal Capital Territory.

Another club BPW Abuja Satellite dewormed 500 school children within 4 communities (Ageita, Jahi, Pabeyi and Tawagi) all in the Federal Capital Territory.


Medical Outreach in Papalandna Village BPW Abuja Karu golden Clubs and Satellite clubs deworming over 500 people in rural communities.

About BPW Nigeria

BPW strives to help women achieve economic independence and assume their rightful position in business, the workplace, in  politics  and all decision making processes through education, advocacy and the provision of opportunities.

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